Thursday, July 26, 2018

Shopping The Closet

Thanks to my feckless haste in setting up a load of laundry, two key black garments died of terminal lint infestation. They are worn enough not to be worth the hours and tape it would take to groom them, so they have gone to hang with the painting clothes. The loss made it easy to rationalize my favorite area of procrastination, the wardrobe thrash.

I think about fall outfits in July. Sweltering week-days trigger memories of my first sewing class, when choosing back to school wool was the agenda. My mother clued me to wool: it's malleable and getting a good result is easier than with vegetable fibers. Some simple Seventies dress-for-success accounting about my clothing expenses turned up a gratifying result: it is cheaper for me to pay full retail for exactly what I want than to try home sewing. I shifted my attentions from pattern books to glossy magazines.

I don't follow fashion, but now and then, like the inoperable clock that shows the exact time twice a day, one of my preferences turns up on a runway. Surprisingly often, this happy accident was bought at the Great Big Hiking Co-op. I stumbled across an encyclopedic rendering of fall collections on a magazine rack a couple of weeks ago. The price caused a sharp intake of breath, but few ads clutter the pages and one good idea covered the purchase price.

1,500 outfits later, I dealt some of my rags onto a clean rug, photographed them, and filed the images along with the inspirational designs into a first-thing-in-the-morning computer file that I check to see how my life is defined on a given day. Getting dressed is a no-brainer under the best of circumstances-a little brain ahead of time gets me a better result -30-

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