Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A New Bag

Last year I stumbled across a physician's black bag at the north end Academic Bookstore. The contemporary model is made of nylon pack cloth and seemed to be just the ticket for my daily needs. It didn't seem quite right to claim a medical accessory at the time, so I passed it up.

My go-to purse purveyor discontinued the slash-proof model I'd been toting for years, and I stumbled across the medical bags again when I was in the store on another errand. This time, I looked at the price and the colors, hefted one, and inspected the interior. It's straightforward and obliging. The design respects fine motor skills: the fabric is just heavy enough to be serviceable while being light enough to handle gently. I picked one up to test-haul, and so far it's working very well -30-

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