Friday, August 31, 2018

The Kura

A traditional Japanese paper house had a fireproof storage building behind it. The structure was called a kura, and in it were stored household artifacts not in the working rotation. My sense is that kura storage is the design factor behind Japan's superb tradition of packaging. Everything comes with a storage box, and that box in turn is protected by a fabric bag.

Recently I ordered a number of gifts.They arrived in appealing, sturdy boxes and showed up just as it was time to rationalize the toy chest. It's hard, but I limit toys to one foot locker. Things had been stashed in zip top plastic bags. I decided to use the boxes to try the kura approach. Doing so yielded a phenomenally elegant and protective toy inventory. Whether a three-year old will be patient with the collection is debatable, but I know for sure they'll have a wonderful time exploring -30-

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