Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Short Cut

Several years ago, I put together a few experimental pillow cases using hot glue to adhere thickly-textured soft cotton dish towels. I prefer not to sew, but I wanted to see how washable "street-legal" pillow cases that did not look boudoir would perform in the house. I would not repeat either the fabric or the glue, but the basic concept has paid off handsomely. It's now a snap to transform a sleeping place into a day lounge. 

In a perfect world, I would pre-wash and dryer-shrink unbleached artist's linen with a comfortable hand and sew it with a needle and thread. A tapestry needle would protect fabric threads from splitting, and bookbinder's linen thread would integrate the job. Washed and air dried, such a pillow case would last at least thirty years. Some of my pillows have boxed edges like sofa cushions. An artist-quality version of the packing cubes sold at the Great Big Hiking Co-op would suit them perfectly and be multi-purpose as well. A conventional pillow can be boxed by turning the corners in on themselves and tacking the fold into place -30-

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