Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Spectrum Of Value

Paring inventory continues to be a pleasure. Casual reading in the history of American furniture turned up the comment that the splendid design innovations of the Colonies were a way of storing the wealth. Little of my furniture can be described that way, though a few good pieces remain serviceable and appealing after several generations' use. 

At this point, I value the rest of the collection in several ways. First, I don't shy away from things that recycle easily or are so standard and utilitarian as to have a secondary market. A second group is frankly disposable. Many of the things in this category have been neighborhood finds. I was pleased to learn that many of the antiques in New Orleans' French quarter have been passed from owner to owner in the neighborhood. I plan to make sure that the little sidewalk treasures of the Hill stay where they belong -30-

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