Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Tack Room

Twenty years ago out of disgust with Seattle's traffic even then, I threw the car away, substituting a rolling backpack and a fresh pair of hiking boots. Over the decades, it has become easy to justify experimenting with luggage and side bags as transportation costs plummet. Like a biker or cyclist, I have discovered that it makes sense to tailor my gear to a given occasion. In the process, the household has accumulated a noticeable collection of rollers, spinners, and totes. To that I add a motley assemblage of securement devices plus runner's night safety flashers and vests.

The mess is awkward, though not critically so. I am casting about for a place in the house to stage organizing an exit. Rows of storage pegs mounted along the top of the basement walls are the obvious choice for now -30-

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