Thursday, August 16, 2018

Urban Wildlife

I finished rereading John A. Hunter's autobiography recently. Hunter was literally that, a safari guide during the early twentieth century heyday of African big game. Culturally speaking, the book is abrasive, but the text is illuminating.

Wild rabbits appeared in this garden that is mere minutes on foot from downtown high rises. We've been keeping a charmed but careful eye on the little animals. Yesterday I noticed a shadow gliding around the corner of the house as I settled in on the front porch for a pre-dawn cup of coffee. I wondered who had faded out of sight. A minute later I noticed a sleek long-haired cat watching me from the north fence line.

Hunter's riveting stories of lions came immediately to mind, and I realized that the front lawn is now a mini-veldt. What if anything to do about the unsupervised cat will be an issue to decide later. In the meantime, I'll research owl habitat -30-

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