Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Loose Parts

The key to keeping rational house is to behave as if one and other members of the family are literate. This is easier said than  done when habit and "Where's my...?" are the default communications modes. Much of effective housekeeping is museum and warehouse work. The arrival of digital hardware discombobulated my systems to the extreme. I don't even know the name of a thing that's missing, or even if it is missing but necessary nonetheless. Deliberate refusal to learn is not a behavior I respect, but learning a whole new field of nomenclature is not something I have time for, either, especially when the rate of change is significant.

I keep the hassle factor for little pieces of mystery hardware under control by making a name tag for everything, using the pricey black gaffer's tape that has become my one default strip of useful gummy stuff. A white-out pen or white jelly pen notes name and function. I stow the thing in a zip bag that is equally labeled, and sometimes I tape the hardware to the device it is meant to serve. Often, I post a similar label on the principal device. Everything has a date as well.

The strategy works equally well for furniture, upholstery patches, alternative lamp parts, and any meaningful artifact. I juggle the time and trouble it takes to archive a thing against the cost of replacing it with a fast visit to an on-line supplier -30-

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