Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Planting Season

This is the beginning of the growing year in Seattle. At this point, with the vegetable patch long established, corn salad has seeded itself (if those sleek pigeons have left anything) and the alliums are up and running again. I have a small order of walking onions coming in to replace the ones I foolishly let go in a moment of bad judgement. They're a great plant for a person who prefers to give the garden as little attention as possible. Walking onions plant themselves from little bulblets that develop at the top of a stalk.

The rains of October signal the smart time to put new landscape plants in the ground. They'll be naturally watered and have a long comfortable winter to develop roots. Just keep an eye on them during the invisible drought of February and March, when a freeze can desiccate rain-deprived shrubs. If you have reason to doubt that a woody plant has survived, scrape the bark carefully with a thumbnail. A green under layer means there's hope -30-

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