Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Skilled Lighting, Skilled Result

This is obvious but often overlooked: flooding a worktop with light makes a huge difference in product quality. Be conscious of the light source. Different technologies effect different atmospheres. Choose whatever is most suited to a given project. Flood fluorescent light with incandescent to even out the subtle flicker of the cheaper source. Differing qualities of LED have their own virtues. I don't hesitate to switch on the fierce raking light of an incandescent spot if a job seems to call for it. Assess color with a daylight source. Factor in the end user's likely sources of illumination. For a low-tech context, I use florescent, incandescent, daylight, or even sometimes firelight. LED seems made for digital.

In a discussion of the light bulbs that vary in color, a photographer pointed out that it's more effective to warm up a cool interior than to try to cool the visuals in a warm one. He was explaining why he had chosen fluorescent white base paint to refresh a room -30-

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