Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I Think I'll Call It America

In memory of Colville elder Mary Marchand

Mr. Vespucci came along for the ride on voyages that followed Columbus into the "New World". In 1963 I was shown a letter he wrote home asking for money. How the letter got there was not made clear, nor was the nature of home. Amerigo's handwriting was barely different from Sumner Stone's digital font Palatino. If you want to reproduce the effect, use bold italic. Yesterday, Wikipedia pointed out that Medici money funded Vespucci's explorations. 

Anyone with a computer has at their disposal Renaissance treasures of the historic European horizon of occupation of the Americas. Palatino, the Lucida family, Optima, and Times New Roman are all designed in the best tradition of the early printed book, in which Steve Jobs was trained at the demand of his undergraduate classmates. See Jobs' Stanford commencement address for details -30-

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