Friday, October 26, 2018

Respectful Cues

In the Seventies, I coveted the original battery-powered travel clock that appears to be the model for the timepiece that lives on iScreens. The thing is still in production at the original price. I happily ordered two the minute I discovered them. The design appreciation behind my initial urge to buy the clock is still valid. A featherweight two-inch square clock dignifies a space and tosses easily into a bag. The trill of the alarm appears to have been marketed to later clumsier versions of the design from other manufacturers.

In a foggy moment of dawn, I stared idly at the clock. A little pip of color caught my eye, and I realized it was placed exactly at the time for which the alarm is set. With this arrangement, there's no cognitive labor. I glanced a little higher on the case, and a dot of the same color caught my eye. It topped the tab that is lifted to activate the alarm. I don't recall ever experiencing such a gentle and effective moment of visual communication, a far cry from the Day-Glo bellowing of so many commercial messages -30-

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