Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Floor Room

My back enjoys spending the night on a flat, hard surface. A hiker's luxury self-inflating air mattress with memory foam layer makes the experience a pleasant one. Sleeping on the floor in a piece of Western architecture can feel like lying in the bottom of a not especially inspiring bucket, though, even if house rules veto wearing street shoes indoors.

I forget why, but I turned one bedroom into a gallery, hanging framed works from the built-in picture rail and embellishing a corner with a standing four-panel screen covered with posters, a classic Victorian scrap screen. The scrap screen brings the visual horizon in the room down to floor level, enriching time spent on the rug. The screen is the finishing touch in an experimental process that has transformed a conventional bedroom into a combined display area, sleeping space, and home exercise facility. An empty closet lets me stow bedding out of sight during the day, and an electric heat mat under the rug melts the kinks out of tired back muscles in no time -30-

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