Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Quartermaster

I fear I may be repeating myself with this post,  but the story is too good to ignore. I was sitting around a camp site with a buddy and a bottle of quite good whiskey. We started chatting housekeeping, always uppermost in the field. I mentioned that one of my domestic role models had told me, over gin, that she had asked an interior designer for suggestions for her solidly built ca. 1900 farmhouse. Dana said the designer looked around her living room, with its panoramic view of a harbor, smiled brightly, and said, "There are many beautiful homes on the market right now!"

Lauren shared her mother's encounter with a design professional. The family was a military one and found itself at a posting with a predictable future. Lauren's mother called for help. The elegant person who turned up at the front door one evening stepped inside, looked around, and asked down her nose, "What do you call this, anyway?" Mrs. B replied, "Early Army!" and turned her out the door.

Lauren explained that Mrs. B was accustomed simply to calling the quartermaster and asking him to send over a dining table when one was needed. There may be a market niche for a quartermaster. Solid wood furniture no matter how uninspiring is worth conserving. Having wood to spare for furniture is an environmental luxury. Busy housekeepers might appreciate being able to call one number and have something, anything,  delivered instanter. Expedience is a style all its own -30-

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