Monday, November 12, 2018

Chopping the Sofa

Deft is on a brief hiatus. Here's one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday.

A friend replaced her sofa and offered me the one she had been using. It was clean, friendly, and in good condition, so I cheerfully accepted it, although I would never have chosen it in the first place. Once I got it home, I took a good look at the floral upholstery, extravagant dust ruffle, and detached synthetic pillows. Then I got to work.

The pillows went to a thrift, because synthetic filling offers no comfort to my cranky neck. I peeled off the dust ruffle and was delighted to find the straightforward lines of a classic tuxedo form, the one with back and arms at the same level. This form is comforting and versatile. It's not unrealistic to set a plywood worktop on it. 

Turning the sofa over, I found serpentine steel springs in excellent condition. It was a small matter to pry off the fabric-covered panels that fronted the arms and hot glue a couple of vintage blankets to the sturdy existing covering. I used the dangerously hot melt glue that requires a set of water-gel burn dressings at hand in case of accident. Two twin wool blankets sufficed to cover the six-foot piece. A luxury self-inflating hiking mattress with a memory foam layer pads the seat, and an additional Oregon Round-up blanket covers the seat and flips over a napper. 

Black shoe polish refreshed the legs, and Magical Sliding Castors protect the floor and act almost like wheels -30-

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