Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Candle Stand

Images of eighteenth century rooms show small round tables that hold a candle to support reading. The architecture I live in is turn of the nineteenth century, although the house is turn of the twentieth. Over the years, though ignorant of the style, I have found that eighteenth century furnishing strategies make the most of the interior space. 

The inventory is now as spare and honed as convenience suggests. By accident, I came by a couple of small tables that qualify as candle stands, and they are ideal for supporting reading set-ups. I use electric lamps and lash the cords to the legs of the table for security. I also adhere the base of the lamp to the tabletop using the sticky museum wax recommended to protect artifacts from earthquake. An added nineteenth century fillip is the high-tech doily I picked up at the art museum's gift shop. It's a silicone paint dribble -30-

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