Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Getting A Grip

It has been my privilege to work with a collection of hand tools fabricated by a man trained who as a knife smith in Europe's far north. His design of the interface of human body and business end of a blade, commonly known as a handle, shines the brightest of lights on how to take best advantage of physical energy, especially if said blade is sharp.

Many of the complexities of marketing and production of powered tools could be simplified by making skilled handle design available at the retail level. Digital milling and the sophisticated analysis of bio-mechanics that is the fruit of international sports competition would make it relatively trivial to produce custom handles for a given individual.

The tools I have access to have been in ordinary use since around 1900. They show no signs of wear or weakness except for the paint on the handles. Some of them are as beautiful as the Shaker and African work I have seen in museums. The planet paid one carbon price for their production that is barely measurable in 2018. The inventory takes little storage space and requires nothing but a good meal to power it -30-

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