Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Wrap

I am uncharacteristically early in setting up for the holidays. Yesterday I brought out the stocking stuffers I'd been tossing into a drawer since June. The next (small) drawer down holds gift wrap. A morning's fiddling and sort proved the value of investing in reusable wrap.

I pick up bandannas to use as furoshiki. Not seldom, the wrap costs more than the gift, but no one has complained. It takes seconds to wrap an awkwardly shaped object in a scarf and tie up the ends. It takes just a few seconds more to tie a decorative thing, like the plastic tentacle that has become a staple of fun, into the knot. A to-from cut from stick-on label stock handles communications. Tiny cards in matching envelopes from a high-end stationer are right for major presentations. 

Friends who save ribbon love to save the real thing. When I first paid for double-faced satin ribbon to tie up a gift box, l wheezed. Years later, that first length of ribbon is still going strong. Last year, it embellished the wreath on the front door. No minor part of the economy of reusable gift wrap is how small the time and travel cost of acquisition grows with each successive reuse -30-

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