Friday, June 15, 2018

Good Yardkeeping

More smokers in the neighborhood and escalating demands for water conservation have posed an interesting problem in managing this small landscape. Last year I began to water after ignoring irrigation for twenty years. We also planned and have half executed a three-foot wide firebreak around the house.

I keep the hoses ready to go, and today is the day my calendar reminds me to bring fire tools out of storage and set them up in the front hall. The in-house field science guy came home from a dig raving about the McLeod rake/hoe/stomper he had been using, so our version will be front and center, too. The tool is ideal for grooming the front bank, and I see from checking the spelling on-line that the trail bike community likes McLeod as well as I do. It stands on its own and makes a good coat rack.

A simple flat broom and a couple of shovels complete the batterie de brush fire -30-
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Missing Mansion

Losing a fine old house to demolition is not news in Seattle. A recent project on the crest of Capitol Hill resulted in an unusual, and probably temporary, outcome. I walked past the site of a huge early lumber baron style house every week on my way home from a particular store. I saw the writing on the cyclone fence, so to speak, and then missed a week or two's errands. The next time I passed the property, the triple lot was level, had two inches of sprouted grass, and a small greenhouse in place. The fence remains.

I find this a charming and heartening way to manage a vacant lot pending further developments -30-
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Blotter

I flopped a big redundant pad of drawing paper onto the upper surface of the lockable rolling tool chest that serves as drawers in my 1890 kitchen. The intention was to protect the red crackle enamel surface, but the effect has been to turn the top into a huge notepad. It's fun and efficient. I can tear off relevant scrawls and file them wherever. Over time, several layers of paper have been revealed, an improvised laminate effect that I could not deliberately have devised -30-
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Street Report

Dog owners are keeping the parking strip clean. 
Most of the litter comes from crows.
Nobody steals the flowers   -30-

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Monday, June 11, 2018


The Postal Service offers a "forever stamp" that will cover the cost a mailing a first-class letter no matter how the rate changes. I buy these stamps four or five sheets at a time to save hassle.

Various iterations of the basic flag design have appeared over the last several years. Some are more formal than others. I find myself selecting postage according to the content of my written message and to the paper it's on. There's a world of nuance in this area of design, and much to be said for the old custom of adopting standard conventions -30-
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