Friday, July 6, 2018


In idle moments, I used to think the house might make a good child care facility. It was never realistic even to plan, though, since other priorities prevailed. I have slowly come to realize that the front lawn is a pre-school-for birds. A crow family is learning to forage on their own on the grassy area that is clear of shrubbery and protected from passers-by by a low fence.

The towering shade trees across the street have enough dead branches to afford comfortable, easy to land on perches for novice flyers -30-
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Roller

As a voluntary full-time pedestrian, I have become a collector of totes, wheeled luggage, and wheeled backpacks. In a splendid rural hardware store, I ran across a canny toolbox design from Black and Yellow. For a few bucks, I wheeled home a featherweight high-capacity roller with a classic tackle box on top, a cavernous cargo space underneath, and cross-country wheels. I can sit on the thing to wait for a bus when I'm winded from shopping. The body of the design is black plastic. All the controls, that is to say latches, are an easy to find sharp yellow that has enough contrast to afford nighttime safety. This is not an elegant urban accessory, but it's worth a shot in summertime and promises to be useful in the house -30-
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Monday, July 2, 2018

Chopping the Shirt

With my heart in my mouth, I pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the cuffs off a not-cheap new shirt, working just above the placket. With the raw edges of the sleeves now lightly rolled, the garment works like a vest with draft protection. It layers easily under a parka, where before the cuffs were like a too-thick margin of pie crust. I will save them to be reattached if someone wants them later-it's that good a garment -30-
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