Friday, August 24, 2018

Recent Conditions

It will be a while before I appreciate wood smoke for the subtle incense that it is. Several days' enforced leisure with a HEPA air filter yield what follows. Around 2014 the director of the Washington State History Museum observed that it will take three hundred years to learn how to manage the local forests that produced magnificent timber founded on salmon-fed grizzly bear waste. The tribal elders who gardened the region died before they were interviewed. As much as I dislike eating smoke, I appreciate fire as a pest control strategy. 

In the spirit of sleeping under my desk, I laid a thick folded wool blanket on the studio floor. (We don't wear street shoes in the house.) I discovered that the combination of high-octane coffee, solitary concentration, laptop yoga, a hard wooden flat-seated stool for my sitzbones, and intermittent floor breaks produced a gentle sequence of workout and production with no effort whatsoever. I often find that I am most productive when I quit cold, and the last few days proved the point in spades.

When conditions improve, I'll give the garden a brisk shower to clean its pores and take a look at how the native plants fared in the, no kidding, billowing clouds of smoke that blew across the neighborhood -30- 

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Spectrum Of Value

Paring inventory continues to be a pleasure. Casual reading in the history of American furniture turned up the comment that the splendid design innovations of the Colonies were a way of storing the wealth. Little of my furniture can be described that way, though a few good pieces remain serviceable and appealing after several generations' use. 

At this point, I value the rest of the collection in several ways. First, I don't shy away from things that recycle easily or are so standard and utilitarian as to have a secondary market. A second group is frankly disposable. Many of the things in this category have been neighborhood finds. I was pleased to learn that many of the antiques in New Orleans' French quarter have been passed from owner to owner in the neighborhood. I plan to make sure that the little sidewalk treasures of the Hill stay where they belong -30-
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


A local paper mentioned a disposable paper mask as protection against wildfire smoke. It's a full-face surgical mask with loops for the neck and the back of the head. I'll use a safety respirator, but the surgical masks have numerous functions. I stocked up after St. Helens blew in 1980 and used up the collection when I was doing dusty yard work -30-
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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Burns Of August

Yesterday's morning sun presented the same near-lurid burnished gold circle as an odd moon. Air quality advisories have given me the perfect excuse to skip going to the gym and focus on flexibility. Conditions have produced a warm weather variant of a snow day, and I can't entirely complain. With a HEPA air filter in action, I can hole up with the laptop and detail files to my heart's content. It will be good to hit the ground running after Labor Day knowing that the digital ironing basket is empty -30-
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Monday, August 20, 2018

Bee Rally

Native Queen Anne's lace crowds the front bank. The in-house field science guy observed five different species of bee working the flowers. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the plant's delicate vanilla scent -30-
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