Friday, October 12, 2018

The Midden Approach

The horizontal file pile was recently rehabilitated in an on-line presentation by a software guy. I forget the general principle he quoted, but the basic message was that the stuff on top of the pile is in the optimal place for being used again.

I decided to conceptualize paperwork as information housekeeping. Much to my surprise, the teetering stacks and complex contents of my high school home study desk have turned out to be productive and relaxing to work with. I just pick my way down the midden one thing at a time. I was relieved to discover that a month-old backlog looks no different from three years of delay -30-
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sidling Into The Holidays

Minor effort now pays off handsomely during the domestic marathon that starts the week of Thanksgiving. The heavy rains of October are due to start any day now. Tidying the garden produces a serene landscape to contemplate over a plate of turkey.

Any entertainment preps that happen ahead of time can happen in multiples. The principle is that it's just as easy to give two dinner parties in a row as one. Deli treasures like imported sweet biscuits, choice preserves, and various pickled things make good hostess gifts. The actual gift is of time. One section of my pantry is an arsenal.

Get the silver polished, if you do silver. Casual reading of the southeastern tabletop replacement site brought the staggering news that the stainless steel flatware I chose long ago is now selling for more than sterling. Plan which linens to use. A once a year rotation is good for the stuff. Trying to figure out how to make millennials comfortable at the table led to my concluding that it makes sense to cover a buffet with the heirloom cloth and use the matching napkins on a bare table or with a plain low thread-count linen cloth.

A long now approach to the holidays eases deadline-itis. Christmas's twelve days dilute the intensity of the three back-to-back major meals of eve, morning, and dinner. The good part of the twelve days was related to me by a friend who studied and lived in New Orleans. The day after Christmas ends is opening day for carnival season, that closes on the Tuesday before Lent starts. When the sun is going down at 3:30, we need that perspective -30-
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Keep the house clean-able. Investing the odd fifteen minutes now and then pays off in faster turnaround times for maintenance and greatly accelerated production. That said, there is renewed respect for the horizontal filing system known as a pile -30-
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I Think I'll Call It America

In memory of Colville elder Mary Marchand

Mr. Vespucci came along for the ride on voyages that followed Columbus into the "New World". In 1963 I was shown a letter he wrote home asking for money. How the letter got there was not made clear, nor was the nature of home. Amerigo's handwriting was barely different from Sumner Stone's digital font Palatino. If you want to reproduce the effect, use bold italic. Yesterday, Wikipedia pointed out that Medici money funded Vespucci's explorations. 

Anyone with a computer has at their disposal Renaissance treasures of the historic European horizon of occupation of the Americas. Palatino, the Lucida family, Optima, and Times New Roman are all designed in the best tradition of the early printed book, in which Steve Jobs was trained at the demand of his undergraduate classmates. See Jobs' Stanford commencement address for details -30-

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