Friday, December 28, 2018

Production Line

Over the last couple of years I have acquired four or five utility office tables, the cheapest 30"x60" ones I could find on line. These featherweight folding work tops seemingly designed for the un-tall have greatly accelerated production of entertainment and work projects. It's a luxury to have a work top dedicated only to one task. The arrangement makes it easy to concentrate.

Recently I ordered a lot of brown paper shopping bags with folding handles. Coupled with a dedicated table, I was able to sort and wrap Christmas gifts for the family in half an hour -30-
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Thursday, December 27, 2018


A remembered comment in my limited reading in the classics stuck with me as a sensible and interesting housekeeping strategy. Greek housekeepers covered sleeping surfaces with sheepskins. That makes sense of flokati rugs.

The Great Big Northern European Housekeeping Chain sells lambskins at a good price. They're excellent padding for hard seating. I find their simple dignity a welcome note in the front areas of the house. Interestingly, the animal's anatomy is congruent with furniture designed by and for homo sapiens. The hind end of the skin sits neatly on the seat of a Windsor chair while the forequarters work in well with the structure of the back and arms.

Fragments of a worn skin are useful for polishing things. The fleece can be cut into comfortable old-school insoles for shoes and boots -30-
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Lasting Value

I have a weakness for marine-quality hardware and accessories. A lifetime of observation leads me to conclude that the rigors of flotation demand uncompromising quality. Though I haven't spent much time actually on the water, I've had ample opportunity to use and evaluate marine accessories on the beach and to discover them in thrift shops. The floating life makes the most of cubic inches of space and demands versatility. 

Seattle's long-time ship chandler has a rich web site. The hats alone are worth a look -30-
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Monday, December 24, 2018

Persuading the Tree

I spent a good hour staring stupidly at a living Christmas tree trying to work out an ornamental container for the landscaper's pot. Everything I would ordinarily use was just wrong.

I realized that the tree was new to its pot, as hydrated as a conifer can get, and might easily be root-pruned to fit into a cache pot that was on the small side. Doing so would make the tree look bigger. Two minutes later the problem was solved. Since the tree is going into the garden after the holidays, the pruning procedure won't faze it at all -30-
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