Friday, January 25, 2019

Debriding Inventory

A few years ago, I realized that life would be simpler if all the tablecloths were the same. The ones on hand still had some life left in them, though, so I was in no hurry to make a change that seemed a little extravagant. The itch to shop manifested itself over the recent winter holidays, and I took a chance on a collection of four identical traditional thickly woven reversible cotton squares from an old yankee mail order outfit.

The cloths have been a breath of fresh air ever since I opened the package. The color and pattern are gentle, neutral and calming. The set displaced several differing and moderately weary cloths. I have eight fresh covers at my disposal should I want to set up a meal for a crowd. I fussed and waffled about donating the old cloths for more hours than they were worth, considering whether they could be made up into pillow cases for the sofa in a casual sitting area. Fortunately, the colors are just off, so I have an excuse to avoid committing to an unwelcome craft project -30-

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