Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Not until 1987 did I decide electricity was here to stay. I passed my hand grain grinder along and began to phase out solid fuel appliances and sources of light. However, it is foolish to keep house in Western Washington without being equipped to fulfill basic life support off the grid. The possibility of an outage is ever-present, even in the heart of town close to the hospitals that must be supported.

I don't count being able to make and bake bread as part of my emergency back-up system, though. That's why God made crackers. I stand ready to open and heat the odd can of something, make oatmeal, and keep warm in the absence of the sensors that power the furnace.

The Great Big Hiking Co-op and the Mountaineers are the foundation of local domestic reality. Pioneer log cabin days are not far in the past, and there's a practical inertia embedded in domestic inventories. I understand low tech and paleolithic life support as foundation layers that enable what one hopes are sustainable higher-tech ways of managing elementary tasks-30-

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