Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Something Real

Edible sculptural confections decorated medieval tables. Of the custom, marzipan fruit remains. It is hard not to imagine that the insipid porcelain figurines of the eighteenth century might have been low-maintenance versions of the same thing, designed to support households that preferred not to carry a sculptor on their kitchen staff. I speak as someone who bit into a styrofoam bell from her wedding cake.

I can see that it might be irresistible to model a porcelain basket after one woven genuinely out of plant material or to throw a vase in the shape of a gourd. A gourd itself might be just the ticket for a one-shot version of that vase.

The simple kraft paper shopping bag with handles has revolutionized keeping in this particular house. The bags stand open and ready for whatever. One of my loved ones likes to give cutting edge design, and this year's product is way cool. It's a white politically correct plastic version of an open shopping bag that's been in constant use since the minute I opened the box. It took several mindless reps for my muscles to realize the thing doesn't fold flat, but I can't complain -30-

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