Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Soup to Nuts

The phrase may be unfamiliar at this point. It's shorthand for an old-style full dinner menu. Soup as a first course is a frugal way to dispose of leftovers from a previous meal. Keeping a pot of stock on the fire ensures food safety. Finishing a meal with nuts, that store without electricity, is a convenient way to ensure that no one leaves the table feeling at all hungry.

Many of the recipes from mid-twentieth century and earlier cookbooks look over-elaborate at first glance. They are clever ways of making the most of leftover food. Croutons, for example, repurpose and enrich day old bread. Potato pancakes are self-explanatory, as are fritters. Taking nearly every meal at home is the easiest way to eliminate food waste. A commercial meal interrupts the natural progression of ingredients from the pantry to the compost bucket -30-

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