Friday, January 4, 2019

The Christmas Housekeeping Hangover

Now that I'm back on leaves and fruit, I have energy enough to patrol obscure corners of the house preparing to put it back together after the New Year. In the not too distant past when setting up for the Great Feast, I often cleared a room hastily enough to generate a clotted nest of small furnishings and textiles. This year was calmer. I've been through the process enough times to have stored or deleted possessions that complicate rearranging a space.

It's deeply pleasing to have inventory integrated enough to allow setting up for the holiday in minutes and to be able to contemplate breaking the decorations down with just as little effort. A key to the system is to have edited kitchen and tabletop gear to suit daily demand and to have almost no redundancy. I'm happy to mix silver plate and granite enameled steel ware on the same buffet, and guests seem to enjoy the mix.

High-tech LED lamps, with their minimal demands on space, make it easy to reconfigure table tops and seating. White napkins of varying degrees of formality makes it easy to deploy the various cloths that disguise the frankly utilitarian tabletops in our private version of a coffee shop. 

Key to the mint are the freestanding paper shopping bags that stand  open and ready to receive quickly sorted small items of inventory. Such bags greatly accelerate turnaround time in every housekeeping task -30-

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