Wednesday, February 20, 2019

An Unanticipated Consequence

A two square foot under-counter refrigerator suffices for this small household, since there are ten groceries within easy walking distance of the kitchen plus delivery options. When articles about the wisdom of storing food in glass began to appear, I gradually replaced plastic with small, shallow rectangular dishes from a long-established American manufacturer of heat-resistant glass. The dishes amount to storage cartridges for meals ready to eat. For simplicity, they're the only ones I use. I label each dish with dry-erase marker. The refillable marker is most stable and easiest to wash off.

My alma mater inspired me to copy the offerings in the cafeteria. Mystery meat had been replaced by numerous bins of salad, fruit, and legumes. In that context, the richer main courses further along the chow line were meaningless to me. Airline meal-sized glass storage dishes enable replicating those healthful offerings at home. For the main meal, it's usually only necessary to prepare one dish. The rest consists of a casual buffet. Made with organic ingredients, the arrangement supports the early Seventies' legendary natural high -30- 

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