Monday, February 4, 2019

Petty Refinements

Often a small and careful modification in the house yields a major improvement in the standard of living. I tried an environmentally correct laundry product that is mixed with lavender oil and sensed the change immediately. The scent is calming, and I won't have to think about moths quite so much.

An electric knife sharpener lit a fire under the cook.

The garden has been rigorously edited to a minimum of native plants. I salvaged an old rose and set it in a galvanized tub of what I hope is rose heaven soil. It's a daily treat to check how it's doing without having to lean over.

Most meals in the house are taken at a small round table that demands a low centerpiece. I lost a beloved pottery syrup jar that had been my go to for decades. It took quite a few years and severe editing of the dish cupboard to reveal a tea service waste jar and unused sugar bowl that will each substitute nicely for the rustic dark glazed freebie I still miss -30-

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