Monday, February 11, 2019

Utility Grade Logger Chow

Weather prospects suggest this post. I make no claims to any competence except long familiarity with local folkways. Eat so you don't die. See Ken Kesey's 'Sometimes A Great Notion" for details. 

When the snow really hits, the old low-tech cuisine makes the most sense. A cardio breakfast of eggs, smoked pork, fried potatoes, and buttered toast is just the ticket after clearing a sidewalk (with careful attention to one's heart rate). This is a good time to keep the gut active with salad, stewed greens, and various root vegetables. Make sure that the menu is loaded with adequate red and other meat. How the offerings are balanced and quantified is an individual decision. A crock pot will be your best friend. Bear in mind that meat metabolizes over a relatively long period of time and that low blood sugar is an invitation to hypothermia. Check the end of your nose with the back of one hand. If the nose is cold, get warm and stay warm.

This aspect of Seattle's climate is essentially Baltic. Contest the weather as if you were on the open deck of a ferry. A vintage hard wool pea jacket is the ideal garment, as are wool thirteen button bells and a worsted wool mock turtle neck sweater -30-

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