Friday, March 15, 2019


Trade books clamor for attention in unwelcome ways once they get home. It's a small matter to cover an intrusive volume with the same kraft paper that school kids use to protect texts. Properly folded, a  cover needs no adhesive. Burnish the creases of folded paper with a bone folder or the handle of a table knife handle. Refold and burnish from the other side for the cleanest effect.

A full sheet from an artist's drawing pad is more elegant than a grocery bag and is faster to execute. Scissors are not necessary: just fold and tear. I prefer the toothy "Faux" paper that is nearly the same color as a kraft bag. Higher end printmaking papers are worth using to protect better quality books from ordinary wear and tear. Once the cover is in place, remove it, note the author and title on the spine, and replace -30-

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