Thursday, March 14, 2019


It's helpful to define conventional formats when designing life support systems. Doing so fosters focus. Any amenity that offers multiple consumer options is ripe for editing.

At the moment, I'm evaluating note-making systems. A paper to-do list keeps the day simple, handwriting being a consciously low-tech choice. It's been gratifying to cut standard business-sized cards out of sweet-writing cover stock. The format is so easy to pocket and sort that I have recategorized sticky notes as social writing paper.

In my world, white linens rule. Bedding, table cloths, wipers, and napkins are all the same size. It's time and cost effective to buy in bulk. All food storage containers are the same size. Wardrobe is uniform or closely co-ordinated. Closely defined basics provide a neutral background that sets off exceptional artifacts or events to best effect -30-

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