Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Pure and Simple

A recent newsletter from the national magazine devoted to matters digital discussed computer programmers' love of efficiency. The depths of the article included a reference to Lillian Gilbreth, one of the early advocates of efficiency in home food production. According to the article, her 1931 kitchen design reduced the number of steps to make strawberry shortcake from 281 to 45.

That's a splendid improvement. Nutrition 2019 takes it farther. The medical and cognitive wisdom of ingesting white sugar, white flour, baking powder, and full cream is questionable. Simply sanitizing fresh berries with successive sprays of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, then rinsing and serving them in an attractive vessel might be the most efficient strawberry treat of all. Sides of an exquisite liqueur, dark roast coffee, and a bite of first quality commercial shortbread would make a feast -30-

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