Thursday, March 7, 2019

Shoji Blinds

These convenient, featherweight window coverings are amazing value. They're washable and a cinch to customize. Cut them to size using a straight-edge, marking width with graphite using one side of the blind as a reference. A #11 stencil knife with a fresh blade makes short work of cutting between the bamboo ribs. Use diagonal cutters to finish. 

Modify length simply by trimming and using hot glue to establish a hem. Aluminum push pins or ordinary thumb tacks will secure a blind to a window frame. No doubt foam mounting tape would do so as well. Be cautious about securement if there are children or animals in the interior. A spring-loaded adjustable prefab curtain rod would leave the window frame untouched.

Eliminate cords by cutting them away altogether. Cut a slit in the pellon at the desired height when it is raised and insert a short length of linen bookbinder's tape or ornamental ribbon to secure the rolled bulk of the blind -30-

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