Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Pit

Every place I have lived has had one room that was the least appealing. It's helpful to use a space like that as a central storage area. There's one on each floor of this house. Epoxy-coated adjustable wire storage racks on wheels make it simple to manage all the small furnishings that drive housekeepers crazy. They live in flap lid bins on the racks. The wheels on the racks make it easy to store things chock a block, should that be necessary. 

I happened to discuss the concept with a customer service person at the big box Store Everything chain when I ordered some additional rack amenities the other day. She lit up at the idea, but mentioned sadly that the only pit room in her current quarters is her young kids' bathroom. She said, not surprisingly, that she dreads going into the space. An acquaintance some years ago dealt with the same problem by closing the room. Genevieve was raising her kids on her own and found that maintaining one bathroom was quite enough. It would not be unreasonable to use a bathroom as a storage area. Shutting off the water supply would prevent mishaps -30-

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