Friday, March 29, 2019

The Timely Lawn

Lawn care in Seattle is a matter of trying to control rampant growth, but this is an unusual spring. Ordinarily, the lawn needs mowing once a month from October through the spring lunge, at which time one mows in self-defense as the turf puts out up to three inches a day. Mowing when shaggy during the "off" season generates dense root growth and stems that are green right down to the soil. Leave clippings in place and dare not to fertilize.

February's bitter weather hammered the turf down to the soil. A recent pass with the mower trimmed irregular blades on the parking strip but didn't generate noticeable cuttings. Grass is so responsive to local weather conditions that mowing on a schedule makes little sense. Just give the lawn a pass when it looks uneven. If not irrigated, a lawn will go dormant after mid-June and require little attention until late September -30-

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