Monday, April 8, 2019

On the Spot

I've been keeping the warmest room upstairs clear of furniture so that I can work out on the carpeted floor. A standard foot locker against one wall makes a comfortable back rest for lounging.The top is a good spot to set a casual meal. The reconfiguration displaced a slipper chair and an interesting and very useful hardwood mid-nineteenth century table the diameter of a large pizza. The table has been floating conveniently near the top of the stairs. It's on the nylon sliders that are better than wheels.

Longing to sit at a work table right next to the best view on the second floor, I privately contemplated evicting the most comfortable seating in the house. I realized that the little table that serves so well to hold upstairs/downstairs freight is just the right size to slip into a room where inches count. It's also a convenient weight and form to use as a lamp stand should I want to set up a reading area or accommodate a guest. In effect, the table replicates an eighteenth-century candle stand -30- 

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