Monday, April 1, 2019

Shifting the House Toward Warm Weather

We keep early hours. Combined with daylight saving time, that means that it is rare to turn on an electric light between spring and autumn. I appreciate the shift toward simplicity the timetable affords. I can scrape a room to free it of lighting clutter for half the year. It's a good feeling that replicates the old school custom of clearing a room of candles at bedtime. The candlesticks were carried to light the way to the sleeping chamber, just as in a communal campground.

Back in the day, the first housekeeping chore after the breakfast dishes were washed was to clean the candlesticks (or oil lamps) and trim the wicks of the lights. I have done this in low-tech housing, and I couldn't resist trying the practice after we moved into this original 1890 structure. It's a deeply calming ritual to assure that the household has clean light in store for the dark hours -30-

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