Friday, February 1, 2019

You Know You're In Seattle When...

The senior Chihuahua sports a hand-knit Norwegian dog sweater -30-
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Casual Table

I am not patient with the tables known as occasional. Taking the term literally, a stool or flat-seated chair serves nicely as a side table once in a while -30-
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Select for Versatility

School shooters take all the fun out of wearing black, but I have yet to find a better choice for building a simple, compact, and versatile wardrobe. Over the last twelve years, I have replaced nearly every classic garment with a mid-range black equivalent. Careful choices add to the vocabulary of expression my very small closet affords. A visit to cutting edge design sites once or twice a year gives me the courage of my convictions. 

Considering the tabletop inventory the other day, I found myself longing for a shallow serving basin like one I had spotted in an antique store but passed over. I toyed with ordering one from a northeastern supplier of excellent traditional pottery, but stayed my hand with the plastic, preferring empty shelf space to yet another vessel to administer. A brief break on the couch let me realize that last year's break-the-budget enameled cast iron saute' pan was the very thing and already hanging on the pot rack.

Oregon Round-up wool blankets have slowly displaced every other soft furnishing and supplemented vintage upholstery as well. 

I decided that a standard bed pillow was going to be the only pillow in the house. I fashioned street-legal easily washable cases from white and khaki coarse-textured cotton dish towels. Leaving the pillows in plain view slashes long seconds from making the bed. Standardized units make it trivial to rearrange soft furnishings for guests or seasonal variation -30-

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Poverty Is Your Jewel

Frances of Assisi said that, and more than a few times I would have replied, "Sure. Tell me another one." Spending money is an art form with a long time line.

January brings good deals on basic consumer goods. Price is only part of the cost of acquisition. The rest is shopping time and travel. Those stay the same no matter what, but a few bucks off never hurt, especially for cashmere. The real way to price something is to figure the cost per use.

Seattle writer and UW faculty member Angelo Pellegrini defined domestic elegance for this locale in "Lean Years, Happy Years" -30-
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Monday, January 28, 2019

Planned Giving

I sketch out donations in January. Making decisions ahead of time eases the strain of evaluating appeals during the rest of the year -30-
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