Friday, February 8, 2019

People Just Coped

I got an email from across the country wishing me well in the so-called snowmageddon that is promised for Seattle. Patience is in order. Omitting the melodrama of broadcast video weather reporting has saved me days of aggro since I quit tv. I can scan the weather report on line in two seconds. The e reserve is in good order. What else do I need? It's fantastic luxury to face the week-end knowing the go-fer will bring home abundant vegetables and fresh fruit to see us through whatever develops. 

I've experienced my share of significant northwest weather events, and there wasn't that much to them, because I keep house the way my grandmother did in her parents' homestead cabin on the Olympic peninsula. Some depth in low-tech food storage and a meaningful supply of down bedding fill immediate needs. 

It was my sad privilege to join a friend at a historic restaurant in the Pike Place Market during the bitter days after Katrina hit. New Orleans was blacked out and drowning. My friend had lived, studied, and partied in the city for twelve years. We met to drink breakfast and pray. The waiter found out why we were there and brought a round on him. Karen, who was never able to resist joking that every Seattle woman owned her own chain saw, said that the people of the city had no tradition of field experience and no place to practice anyway.

Smug is not in order. I made an executive wardrobe decision a year ago based on the assumption that global warming made a down stadium coat redundant. I'm stuck in the house unless I decide to emulate street style to layer trousers and cover them with a skirt -30-

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Rooted Projects

I have some cuttings to propagate later this year. The project has me thinking about root development. I realized that if I set out a project in anticipation of completing it and it sits in one place more than a few days, it begins to strike roots. Use or lose makes a pretty good mantra -30-
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Data Glut

When surfing an interesting topic, I routinely save massive amounts of information to a file. On a good day, I purge nearly everything in the spirit of the list technique I learned from a canny mentor. Dot advised me to make a list, look it over, tear it up, and throw it away -30-
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Winter Kills

This time of year is a good time to evaluate inventory and decide what to keep and what to share. The process is like editing copy -30-
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Craft Project Versus Minor Repair

There's a grey area that lies between realizing a repair can happen in two minutes or become item 86B on a to do list that is metastasizing. I work at comparing the value of a project at hand to the value of my time, energy, and attention. Short turnaround time keeps life fresh-30- 
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Monday, February 4, 2019

Petty Refinements

Often a small and careful modification in the house yields a major improvement in the standard of living. I tried an environmentally correct laundry product that is mixed with lavender oil and sensed the change immediately. The scent is calming, and I won't have to think about moths quite so much.

An electric knife sharpener lit a fire under the cook.

The garden has been rigorously edited to a minimum of native plants. I salvaged an old rose and set it in a galvanized tub of what I hope is rose heaven soil. It's a daily treat to check how it's doing without having to lean over.

Most meals in the house are taken at a small round table that demands a low centerpiece. I lost a beloved pottery syrup jar that had been my go to for decades. It took quite a few years and severe editing of the dish cupboard to reveal a tea service waste jar and unused sugar bowl that will each substitute nicely for the rustic dark glazed freebie I still miss -30-
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